Rubber Seal Bushings
Patented BHW technology: rubber seal and metal spinning on porcelain
Creepage distances - from 380 to 1000+ mm.
Impulse Voltages - from 95 to 250 kVBIL
Rated Voltages - from 17.5 to 36 kV

For outdoor/indoor installation
5+ Millions of bushings installed on field
Zamber improvement of a product widely diffused in the last decade

Zamber acquired exclusive IP rights and production license for this technology from BHW UK, that invented this technology.
After acquisition, Zamber further developed the product and the production processes for increased quality, reliability and performances.

Main points of strength of Zamber bushings BHW-types:

  • Lowest temperatures (until -60°C) and wide operating temperature range (up to 250°C peak)
  • Highest mechanical resistance (Cantilever, traction and torque)
  • A certified blocking glue is precisely placed inside the product only as added security. They keep hermeticity and mechanical resistance also without glue for the longest operating life, longer than glue life.
  • Best electrical performances (no sharp edges) tested in primar European labs
  • 100% routine tested on leak and torque
  • Tested quality of the seals
  • Best porcelain and glaze quality
  • Available with flange for welding or directly assembled on lids
  • All materials are tested for no contamination of dielectric fluid
  • Eco-friendly – compliant to European standards and RoHS, Reach, Dodd’s Act and Conflict free minerals
  • Product made in Europe

Note to the Purchaser:

All information provided in this website, including technical specifications and recommendations, is based on the results of tests carried out. However, no guarantee is provided with regard to the fact that information supplied is also entirely accurate and complete. It is in the Purchaser’s interest to verify product compatibility with the use intended. All products sold by Zamber are compliant with Zamber’s in-house standards. Zamber is not liable for any possible after sale damage