GN/EN-TYPES Technology: porcelain metallization and soldering
Creepage distances: from 26 to 140 mm.
Impulse Voltages: from 20 to 90 kVBIL
Rated Voltages: from 1 to 7,2 Kv

Parallel sheds
For outdoor/indoor installation
Porcelain brown colour

  Electrical ratings Dimensional ratings
Type N. of skirts Rated voltage (KV) Impulse voltage (KV Bil) Dry- Withstand (KV) Wet- Withstand (KV) Total creepage (mm.) Air-distance (mm.) Max height (mm.) Max diameter (mm.)
GN65 3 2,4 40 20 12 62 40 86 48
GN140 5 7,2 90 45 24 140 90 142 64

Available variants and materials:
Flange for soldering in fire tinned brass, several diameters
Flange for TIG/MIG/Laser welding in stainless steel, diameter 60 mm. for GN65
Thread in tinned brass from M6 to M16 - including ½’’-13th
Stud with bore several diameters
Solid stud with wire already connected
Wire sections: 5 – 10 – 12 mm²

Tests performed:
Leak test at 6 bars on 100%
Visual inspection on 100%
Dimension test on sample quantity
Temperature test at 130°C on sample quantity
Cantilever load test from 350N until 500N  – Type test
Traction (tensile) load test at 1500N – Type test
Torque test at 30Nm – Type test

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