BIRD CAPS Bushing silicon protections

Fitting to Zamber types: BHW – C – S

For outdoor installation

Designed for easy installation and maintenance activity

High voltage devices failures are often caused by accidental contact by animals. Vermin, rodents, cats, birds, etc. use the bushings as a resting place or a landing site.

Zamber bird cap is a solution to this problem increasing the insulation sufficiently to avoid the risk of flashover or short-circuiting.

The bird cap is designed to fit Zamber standard bushings BHWS-Types, C-Types and S-Types.
It can be easily mounted and dismounted on bushings after the connecting wire has been secured.
The bird cap can operate in extreme climatic conditions, pollution levels and temperatures.

Main points of strength of Zamber BIRD CAPS:

  •     Easy application and easy removing on the bushing after installation and after system connections
  •     One-piece part including the fastening belt, no fastening studs or extra components are required
  •     Flexible and re-usable, can be removed and reinstalled several times
  •     Mechanically stable after application
  •     UV resistant, water resistant and hydrophobic
  •     Fire self extinguishing
  •     Operating temperature -60°C to +90°C
  •     Installation temperature -20°C to +55°C
  •     Longer life than polypropylene, polyethylene or heat shrink covers
  •     20+ kV dielectric strength
  •     Designed to avoid water stagnation inside if applied on horizontal installed bushings
  •     Designed for inserting a discharging rod before removing for maintenance activity
Note to the Purchaser:

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