Starting from the supply process, where we carefully select suppliers and perform the quality control of each delivered batch, at each stage of production, where the quality control of each individual product is carried out according to our internal QMS procedures.

Until the routine testing processes, where each product is rigorously tested.

Our R&D department constantly improve processes of quality control so to grant a safe and long life to our products on field. 

Zamber products are compliant with:
- European Directive 2011/65/UE (ROHSII)
- REACH Regulation 1907/2006
- US SEC rules related to "CONFLICT MINERALS" required by the 2010 "Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502"

Routine tests performed on 100% of production:
  1. Leak test at 6 bars for 60 sec.
  2. Torque test
  3. Visual inspection
  4. Dimension tests

 Sample tests performed:

  1. Cantilever destructive load
  2. High temperature test at 130°C

Type tests performed:

  1. Dry lightning impulse voltage withstand (BIL) - IEC 60137
  2. Dry power-frequency voltage withstand - IEC 60137
  3. Wet power-frequency voltage withstand - IEC 60137
  4. Temperature rise (250A – 50 Hz) - IEC 60137
  5. Radio Influence voltage - IEC 60137 and IEEE18
  6. Cantilever load test up to 1000N
  7. Cantilever load test up to 1000N under internal pressure of 3 bar
  8. Traction (tensile) load test up to 1500N
  9. Dynamic Cantilever load test
  10. Low temperature test until -60°C with cantilever 50kg.
  11. Low temperature cycle test until -60°C to ambient: 5 times
  12. High temperature test at 90°C for 16h
  13. Temperature cycle test -55°C to ambient temperature
  14. Dynamic current withstand test
  15. Vibration test
  16. Contamination test 500 hrs. (tandelta)

Electrical type tests are performed at CESI S.p.a. or in primar European laboratories, mechanical and temperature tests are performed in Zamber laboratory. Some tests (e.g. Vibration test) have been performed in primar customer’s laboratories.

Note to the Purchaser:

All information provided in this website, including technical specifications and recommendations, is based on the results of tests carried out. However, no guarantee is provided with regard to the fact that information supplied is also entirely accurate and complete. It is in the Purchaser’s interest to verify product compatibility with the use intended. All products sold by Zamber are compliant with Zamber’s in-house standards. Zamber is not liable for any possible after sale damage