Zamber is the source for highest quality hermetic bushings for capacitors and the only primar manufacturer worldwide supplying all three technologies:

     a) Metallized bushings
         hermeticity is ensured by metallizing of porcelain and soldering of metal parts directly to porcelain
     b) Rubber seal bushings
         hermeticity is ensured by the use of special gaskets and a patented spinning process to fasten the metal parts to the porcelain
     c) Mechanical assembled bushings
         supplied with metal parts and gasket kit for self mechanical assembly

Selection of product family and specific product, depends on user application.

Bushings can be supplied in many variants, eg:

threads from M6 to M16 including ½’’-13th

studs with bore or solid with already connected wire 5 – 10 – 12 – 16 – 25 mm²

studs with copper tabs already connected

flanges of several dimensions for soldering or TIG/MIG welding or already connected to lids

Note to the Purchaser:

All information provided in this website, including technical specifications and recommendations, is based on the results of tests carried out. However, no guarantee is provided with regard to the fact that information supplied is also entirely accurate and complete. It is in the Purchaser’s interest to verify product compatibility with the use intended. All products sold by Zamber are compliant with Zamber’s in-house standards. Zamber is not liable for any possible after sale damage